By the way…

You can all unfollow this already,

I moved blogs months ago

That means you, person who just followed me

April 18, 2013

My bad

I queued this thing to reblog the announcement like once an hour for the last day and it pissed everyone off so that must mean it worked

Sorry, I miscalculated :x I deleted all of them except one. Pretty sure the point got across to most people.

January 24, 2013

(using a different browser that doesn’t have missing e)

50% of your followers are porn/inactive blogs? cuz that’s happeneing to me i thinking about redoing my blog like that 

@Yuugi That would be one of the reasons, yes

It’s also because I kind of suck at tagging so I want to be more organized about it from here on and it was bothering me

Also to try and blog a lil differently idk we’ll see how it works out :V

January 22, 2013


Remade blog is still HighClassTopHat, just decided to remake it for reasons!

Apologies for the inconvenience. In the process of re-following everyone and filling it with content, sorry in advance for any like/reblog spam for a little while.

1 year ago

Considering remaking


The amount of clutter on my current blog is starting to wear on my inner-OCD (tw: idgaf you know what I meant) and it’s too late to go sifting through my oldest posts and my way-too-many likes to fix it now

I’d probably turn this current one into a personal blog or an archive of sorts for my old posts, but I wouldn’t use it anymore

idk I just like to start over once in a while. Moirail says I should also not post any SJ stuff on my new blog because we both know all it accomplished was making me pissed off at everything and I don’t need to develop a habit of hating people.

When I do remake, it’ll likely have the same URL and I’ll just change this one. Might try sifting through my tags to put some content on it before making it public, and also because I don’t want to lose certain posts (fanarts and music reblogs). I’ll inform people when I do remake tho, don’t worry if you somehow give a shit - and it’ll be obvious since my URL will change accordingly.


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they should make a machine that can be a washer AND a dryer

Hahahha Noob. There already is.. We call them WOMEN. *Puts on fedora* *shoves a dildo up my ass*

i hate myself

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it waits


it waits

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Some pictures of my cosplay from Ohayocon 2013!

kawaii medicine~

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Project Sync - As I feel you feel (by DoujinMusicInc)

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